A Skills Planning Mechanism for South Africa - Current

The European Union Delegation, through it's Dialogue facility, is assisting the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) in South Africa on their development of a skills planning mechanism, to secure a better balance between the supply of, and demand for, skills. This project involved studies to examine practice in South Africa as well as the lessons from international experience in developing and deploying labour market intelligence (LMI) so as to better tackle skills mismatches, increase employability and better meet the evolving skills needs of the economy and labour market. It also involved two study tours with South African colleagues to a range of nations, institutions and international bodies which has included several european countries and institutions in the summer of 2015 and Australia in the autumn of the same year; and three workshops with partners in South Africa and a ministerial meeting. The  final report,recommendations and workshop were completed in December2015.

I was the Senior Research Advisor leading on the project and working with the Research Manager, Glen Fisher who is now back in South Africa continuing to work on these and related themes.

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