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The Urbact Capitalisation programme involves distilling the lessons from not only the 300 city,29 country programme on urban development but from other recent experiences of what works in developing jobs and skills in cities eg from the oecd's leed programme and the experiences of other cities. The work has  involved,over the period May 2012 to March 2013, expert and practioner 'hearings',a literature review,working group meetings and discussions.A draft report and practical recomendations which should help inform the Europe2020 agenda and the EU's 2014-2020 structural funds was produced for discussion at the Urbact Copenhagen conference in December 2012. The final report on how cities can create more and better jobs,was published in June 2013, entitled 'More Jobs, Better Cities' (2013)

I was a member of the core group developing and drafting the report,of which i am co-author with Alison Partridge.

Throughout 2014, we undertook significant further work on this agenda focusing in particular on tackling youth unemployment and generating jobs for young people in european cities. A series of workshops and discussions led to the publication in 2015 of ' Job Generation for a Jobless Generation', a series of linked ,themed articles edited by Alison Partridge,of which 3 were written by me.

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