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The Joseph Rowntree Foundation(JRF)  launched  a 3 year research and practice programme in 2014 to explore how,and under what conditions,growth can best achieve poverty reduction. People in poverty are often disconnected from the benefits of economic growth in cities,so how can we reconnect them? In particular,what can be done at the city level to create more and better jobs and to link these to households in poverty? And,indeed,what are the benefits to cities, and to growth,of reducing poverty? This 'inclusive growth' agenda is of rapidly growing interest and importance in policy circles at the local, national and international levels.

I am working with the JRF and their Head of Place, Josh Stott, as the Advisor to this substantial programme of work.The official launch of the Programme was in February 2014. A wide series of research reports have been commissioned and published over the last 3 years, together with ongoing more action related work with Leeds City Council, the Leeds City Region LEP, in Mancheter City Region and with other partners.

A major conference on cities and inclusive growth sponsored by the JRF and PwC took place in January 2017.

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