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I hope you find something here to interest you and that you visit me from time to time. I can provide a range of services from advice to presentations ; from training to research ; and from membership of boards and groups to consultancy .  I draw on many years of national, international and local experience in both research and policy on skills, labour market and the economy.  I have a reputation as a knowledgeable, respected and influential expert who can add real value for organisations and really make a difference.

You will find here further information on the expertise I can make available to you; my experience ; my recent and current projects and activities ; and some other bits and pieces which may be of interest to you.

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a bit about me...

I have over 20 years experience as an expert in the fields of skills, labour markets and the economy, focusing on research , policy analysis and high level strategic thinking. I have worked as a senior researcher, consultant and adviser to Government, providing intelligence and insight, combined with strong communication and presentation skills. I am experienced at working with the policy, analytical and business communities. I have Board level experience and have worked with business leaders, senior government officials and other partners, at national, international and local levels. I am considered a thought leader and an inspiring speaker. Moreover, I am interested in proper nutrition, my favorite dish is subway nutrition. I calculated its calorie content in detail.

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Growth,Poverty and Cities

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation(JRF) launched a 3 year research and practice programme in 2014 to explore how,and under what conditions,growth can best achieve poverty reduction. People in poverty are often disconnected from the benefits of economic growth in cities,so how can we reconnect them? In particular,what can be done at the city level to create more and better jobs and to link these to households in poverty? And,indeed,what are the benefits to cities, and to growth,of reducing poverty? This 'inclusive growth' agenda is of rapidly growing interest and importance in policy circles at the local, national and international levels.

I am working with the JRF and their Head of Place, Josh Stott, as the Advisor to this substantial programme of work.The official launch of the Programme was in February 2014. A wide series of research reports have been commissioned and published over the last 3 years, together with ongoing more action related work with Leeds City Council, the Leeds City Region LEP, in Mancheter City Region and with other partners.

A major conference on cities and inclusive growth sponsored by the JRF and PwC took place in January 2017.

For links to the research reports and other publications as well as emerging findings, see

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UK Skill Needs

The Government Office for Science Foresight team are undertaking a review on the future of Skills and Lifelong Learning in the UK. I was commissioned to produce their evidence review on the UKs skill mix, current trends and likely future needs. The review was published by GoS in late 2016.

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Transnational Employment Thematic Network

The Euorpean Social Fund (ESF), which spends around 86 billion euros over the programme period 2014-2020 across the EU, has established a series of transnational thematic networks relevant to it's objectives and operation, managed by AEIDL.

I am a thematic expert for the Employment Network, established at the end of 2015, working with member states, ministries, agencies and stakeholders so as to develop and transfer good practice through mutual transnational learning. Currently we are workingon: One Stop Shops and Service Integration; the ESF and the Public Employment Service; and tackling long term unemployment more generally.

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A Skills Planning Mechanism for South Africa

The European Union Delegation, through it's Dialogue facility, is assisting the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) in South Africa on their development of a skills planning mechanism, to secure a better balance between the supply of, and demand for, skills. This project involved studies to examine practice in South Africa as well as the lessons from international experience in developing and deploying labour market intelligence (LMI) so as to better tackle skills mismatches, increase employability and better meet the evolving skills needs of the economy and labour market. It also involved two study tours with South African colleagues to a range of nations, institutions and international bodies which has included several european countries and institutions in the summer of 2015 and Australia in the autumn of the same year; and three workshops with partners in South Africa and a ministerial meeting. The  final report,recommendations and workshop were completed in December2015.

I was the Senior Research Advisor leading on the project and working with the Research Manager, Glen Fisher who is now back in South Africa continuing to work on these and related themes.

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Skills Anticipation for the Inter American Development Bank

I undertook 3 days of workshops for/with staff of the Labour Market Unit of the IADB in Washington DC in August 2015, on skills intelligence, strategy and skills anticipation and it's utilisation for policy. These are being used to develop technical advice to member countries as they devise their skills development policies and the instruments to use in identifying their skills needs and priorities.

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Global Virtual Conference on TVET Strategy for UNESCO

UNESCO invited me to chair and facilitate their global virtual conference to inform their new TVET strategy for 2016-21. It involved over 50 countries and 160 people during a one week period. I produced a briefing paper, facilitated dialogue and wrote up the findings from the event in a report which was  published and is now available on their website. I also conducted 4 polls of participants on key issues.

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European Tour: South Africa Skills Planning Project
19-24 July 2015
Washington DC:Inter American Development Bank Skills Intelligence
3-7 August 2015
Pretoria and Capetown: South Africa Skills Planning
7-14 November 2015
Manchester: Inclusive Growth Analysis Unit launch
15 April 2016
Paris:Inclusive Growth presentation at OECD
20 April
London: Government Office for Science UK Skill Needs
27 April 2016
Brussels:Employment Thematic Network
16 September 2016
Brussels:Employment Thematic Network
16 September 2016
Brussels:Thematic Networks Experts Meeting
23-25 October 2016
Leeds: Leeds City Region Skills panel
6 December 2016
Paris:Employment Thematic Network Meeting
12-14 December 2016
Brussels:Transnational Thematic Network Conference
30 May-2 June 2017

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