testimonials and references

The best people to ask about oneself are all the people and organisations that you currently, or have, worked for and with over the years.

One can also read the various reports,articles and books I have written.

But here you will also find a few words from people that they have actually said about me. We British are usually quite reticent to do this sort of thing,and it is indeed a bit embarrasing,but here goes anyway. They are just here to say that I have worked with lots of people over the years and the experiences, on both sides, has been pretty good.

These are all taken from unsolicited written materials:

Not just an expert but wonderfully articulate and passionate

Challenging,open minded and innovative

Britain's,and one of the world's,leading labour market and policy analysts

Hugely influential ambassador

Highly authoratative and stimulating

A tremendous source of support to us

Such a privilege to work with you.You made a brilliant contribution

Through your passion and your ability you have made an enormous difference

Unfailingly friendly and helpful

Excellent,invaluable,impressive,inspiring,engaging,refreshing,brilliant,thought leader

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